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Create long-form content in one click using AI.


Long-form content in one click

So… what is Wordplay?

Wordplay is an AI writing tool that is built specifically for people who need long-form content that ranks on Google. We help you bulk generate high-quality, long-form content in the fastest time possible.

All you do is provide an article title and let Wordplay do the rest.

Get excited. You’re about to save a whole lot of time. 


How is Wordplay different?

We’ve tried a lot of different AI writing tools… 

Unfortunately, everything left us disappointed because they were not built by SEO professionals or with SEO content at top of mind.

Also many of these other tools are focused on generating 50-100 words at a time, so it takes a boat load of time to create full-length blog posts (especially in bulk).

This leaves you with two choices:

  1. Take extra time out of your day to create content manually
  2. Pay for freelance writers or assistants to create content for you

Neither of these options were very appealing to us, which is why we created Wordplay: the fastest way to create full-length blog content in one click. 

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Write content 10x faster.

The key differentiator

Content built for Google

At Wordplay, we are focused doing one thing really well: generating content that Google loves.

All of the features built in our app are focused on making your content more accurate, on-topic and useful which are all factors in Google’s ranking algorithm. 

This means we are building features like FAQ’s and automatic schema built into your article so that you have higher chances of winning featured snippets or having your website show up in the people also ask section on the search results page.

Some of this is already built into Wordplay and some of it is still to come, but know that Wordplay makes it easier & cheaper than ever for you to create long-form content that ranks on Google.