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How is Wordplay different?

We’ve tried a lot of different AI writing tools… 

Unfortunately, everything left us disappointed because they were not built by SEO professionals or with SEO content at top of mind.

Also, many of these tools only generate 50-100 words at a time, so even with the help of AI, it still took loads of time to create full-length blog posts or landing pages.

This left us with two choices:

  1. Take extra time out of our day to create content manually
  2. Pay for freelance writers or assistants to create content for us

Neither of these options were very appealing to us, which is why we created Wordplay: the fastest way to create long-form content in one click. 

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The key differentiator

Helpful content built for Google

At Wordplay, we focus on doing one thing really well: generating helpful content that Google loves.

All of the features built in our tool are focused on making your content more accurate, on-topic, and useful which are all factors in Google’s ranking algorithm. 

We also have Google-friendly features like FAQs so that you have higher chances of winning featured snippets or showing up in the people also ask section on the search results page.

We make it dead simple to create high-quality content quickly and optimize it in a way that requires minimal edits from you afterward.

FAQ Section

Your questions, answered.

This topic is widely debated and quite inconclusive. From our experience, we have done SEO testing for multiple websites using AI content and actually seen rankings increase.

This may be because we were careful to fact-check the content and fix errors before publishing. Using an AI article writer to create high quality blog posts is a great way to create topical authority in your niche and Google may actually reward you with better rankings because of that.

Google understands that the use of AI text generators is becoming more widespread. Google does, however, have quality standards for content that appear in its search results, regardless of whether it was written by AI or humans.

Google looks for content that is well-written, accurate, and relevant to the topic of the page. As long as content written with an AI writer meets those standards, it should not be penalized.

Yes, and there are multiple ways to use Wordplay. You can use it to create blog articles, web pages, marketing content, or blog ideas.

With Wordplay, we have a few different modes:

  • Guided Mode: Our most popular mode. Start with a keyword and we take you through a guided process of selecting your title, introduction, and subsections. At the end, Wordplay will use your inputs to create the full article.
  • Title Mode: Just give Wordplay a descriptive title for your article and choose how long you want your article to be (up to ~5,000 words). You can use Title Mode in bulk to create multiple articles at once.
  • Outline Mode: Have your outline already prepared? Give Wordplay your blog outline and we will write your article for you.
  • Bulk FAQ Mode: Input a list of any questions and get detailed answers for each question. A great way to add depth to your content.
  • Bulk CSV Mode: If you prefer to organize your blog outlines in a CSV file, you can upload it to Wordplay and it will create your content in bulk.
  • Topic Mode: Feeling extraordinarily lazy? With this, you can literally just type any topic and it’ll generate some content about it. Probably the least useful mode, but could be nice for the unbelievably lazy folks out there.

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This topic is heavily debated and in general it may be the wrong question to ask. What AI writing tools can do is supercharge human writing. An AI writer can use natural language processing to get the ideas from your head out on to the page quicker. 

It can also be used as a tool to help you brainstorm for your own content. The machine generally works faster than the human, so if you can use that to your advantage, you will be a faster content writer than ever before.

Yes, content creation at Wordplay can be done in 20+ languages. It can cure writer’s block in English, Dutch, French, and many other languages.

Wordplay can write a high quality blog post in just a couple clicks that is typically 95-100% grammatically correct. As with any AI tool, you may want to run the content through a plagiarism checker to check for existing content on the internet already exists.

This is not unique to Wordplay, as all AI tools may set off plagiarism checker alerts – it is especially important to double check it.

When you create articles, Wordplay will not only ensure the grammar and tone are perfect, but it will also incorporate keyword insights and even generate new ideas to include in your content to ensure a perfect article draft for you to use.

An AI article writer is an invaluable tool for helping with SEO. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, these AI writing tools can quickly and accurately generate content that is tailored to help meet the ever-changing needs of a website’s search engine optimization requirements.

These AI tools are able to quickly create a blog title, blog outline, and generate fresh content that is both relevant and optimized for SEO.

By focusing on the keywords and phrases that are most likely to be used by users searching for content online, an AI writer is able to craft articles that are more likely to be seen and read by potential customers.

In addition, AI article writers also have the ability to research and generate content that is highly targeted to the intended audience.

With power of machine learning and natural language processing, AI writers can also identify the most effective topics, trends and keywords related to a particular topic that can then be used to create content that is highly targeted and optimized for SEO.

Finally, AI article writers are also able to be used in conjunction with other SEO tools, such as keyword optimization tools and writing process tools. By working in tandem, an AI article writer and these other tools can be used to maximize the efficiency of a website’s SEO efforts and help ensure that it is well-positioned to take advantage of the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

AI writers can be a huge time saver for busy people. Just how much time they can save depends on how they’re used. A well-utilized AI writer can save hours of time by automating the process of blog post writing or content writing.

Many organizations are now using an AI writing assistent to quickly write articles for their websites and other marketing materials. For example, AI writers can quickly generate blog posts, product descriptions, and even press releases in a fraction of the time it would take a human writer.

Furthermore, AI writers can write faster and with fewer errors than human writers, which is a key benefit for time-strapped businesses.

In addition to saving time, an AI writer can also present businesses with a cost-effective means of creating content – even up to 10x cheaper!

AI writers can create content with a level of quality that may be difficult to achieve with human writers, while requiring fewer resources. This allows businesses to better control their costs while still enjoying the benefits of high-quality content.

Overall, the amount of time an AI writer can save depends on the specific use case but, in general, it can be a significant amount. AI writers can save both time and money by quickly generating content with a high level of quality.

Yes, Wordplay will create blog posts, blog topic ideas, product descriptions, and much more (and often at the same quality as human writers). It can write quality content in 25+ languages including Spanish, English, French etc. It generates high-quality articles, full blog posts, and content pieces in just a few seconds.

Yes, you can find the AI Writer API here along with documentation and technical details.

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