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Want your traffic to look like this?

With AI content from Wordplay, it's not only possible, it's actually easy.

When creating content for your website, it's the norm to start by writing content yourself and eventually start hiring writers.

The problem is, it gets extremely time-intensive (and expensive) to manage writers while also dealing with everything else in your business.

No thanks.

You just want to bring organic traffic to your website and skip all the managerial headache, right?

With Wordplay, you can drastically increase the amount of SEO content you publish without sacrificing on quality.

More organic traffic = more money.

We sell speed to first draft.

Good content takes time. Some of it can't be outsourced to AI, yet.

We totally get that.

But what can be outsourced to AI is your first draft. And when playing the SEO game, speed matters.

When you can speed up the time you get a piece of content into Google's index by 10x, it's easy to see how Wordplay would make a measurable impact on your business.

This is exactly why Wordplay was built... To create content quickly and get you more organic traffic.

The best part?

Wordplay requires minimal input from you, and minimal edits after your content has been created.

"But how good is a first draft from Wordplay?"

It depends on your quality bar. Here's what we've seen from reports of over 3,000 users using Wordplay:

For generic topics, you can expect an article to be 85-95% complete from Wordplay.

For niche or technical topics, you can expect an article to be approximately 70-85% of the way there.

The quality you get is primarily based on the quality of the information you give to the AI.

Give Wordplay a quality input & you will get a quality output.

Whether you are already publishing content or are new to the game, AI can make a monumental shift in your business by bringing more organic visitors to your website.

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Here's my strategy for getting SEO results with AI content:

1. Publish large amounts of AI content
2. Wait & see which content ranks in Google's top 10
3. Optimize the winners to rank even higher

It's the quickest way to see which terms your site can rank for.

Tired of slow (or no) results with your SEO efforts?

It's time to give Wordplay a spin. It's a powerful tool and can measurably improve your business.

Start publishing more content, ranking for more keywords, and bringing more organic traffic to your website.

(Okay sales pitch is over, click the button below to get started)

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