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Wordplay Roadmap

We plan to continually improve the Wordplay tool to be the best for SEO & content publishers.

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New features we're considering for future Wordplay releases:

⚡ Automatic image creation

In order to help our users achieve better SEO results, we are introducing the ability to automatically add images to the content with pre-filled in alt text.

This will save users time in sourcing imagery, give them a featured image to use, and also improve SEO results!

⚡ Ability to add outbound links & sources

We’re looking into an option to add authoritative outbound links throughout the content along with sources if applicable in your content.

⚡ Point-of-view

Another area we’re exploring is choosing the point of view for the article (1st, 2nd, 3rd person POV). This way, you can fully tailor the article to how you want it.

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