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Wordplay Affiliate Program

Earn up to $560 per sale with the Wordplay affiliate program!

Here are the affiliate program details

Our affiliate program is only available for our lifetime deal offer. 

You will earn 20% of each sale when you promote your affiliate link.

We offer three price points in our lifetime deal...

Our conversion rates are very high and becoming an affiliate you can make up to $560 for one conversion.

  • 22,500 Words/mo $299

    💰 Your payout: $59.80

  • 100,000 Words/mo $999

    💰 Your payout: $199.80

  • 300,000 Words/mo $2800

    💰 Your payout: $560.00

Apply to be an affiliate

We can’t wait to have you on board! Please be descriptive in your application.

We will create a custom link for you to use and promote! 

Your custom link will redirect to this page:

We use a last cookie system and cookies will expire after 30 days.

We pay out manually and we will do it in the first week of every month via PayPal.

Payments are made at least 30 days after the referred customer has paid. So, if a customer you referred buys a lifetime deal on January 3rd, you’ll be paid out in the first week of March.

You will earn 20% for each payment during a customers split pay time period. 

For example, if a customer chooses to pay three monthly payments of $999 for the Lifetime Platinum deal, you’d get paid $199.80 each time a customer pays. If a customer goes delinquent, you will not get paid since we have not been paid by the customer either.

You cannot take out search ads using “Wordplay” branding. 

Self-referral is also not permitted. The aim of the program is to incentivize you to refer others. This is not a method of obtaining a discount on your own account.

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