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Wordplay update - January 13, 2023

Wordplay 3.0 is officially here!

Massive quality upgrade, new features, & more to come!



We have some amazing news.

After almost 5 months of development, Wordplay 3.0 is officially LIVE.

This thing is a beast.

The content is remarkably better and with this release, we have a lot more control over improving it in the future.

You can now select your article length as well which is a handy tool to ensure you can ration out your credits effectively.

What are the primary changes in Wordplay 3 vs Wordplay 2?

There is a noticeable improvement in everything across the board. Our UI will look the same, but the output Wordplay gives is much better than before

With Wordplay 3.0, you get:

  • Better content quality
  • Longer content quality (previously the max was around 2000 words, but now you can create up to 4,500 words).
  • Better formatting of content.
  • More in-depth content on whatever subject you’re writing about
  • Better, more accurate output for niche topics.
  • Grammar improvements.
  • Generally better accuracy in almost all topics
Overall, it is a massive improvement. 

AI Limitations:

Although we think Wordplay 3.0 is a massive step up for our product, there are still limitations with ALL AI products that we want to address. 

Here are some of generative AI’s limitations 

  • It can have trouble writing about recent news or new technology.
  • It can write plausible-sounding but incorrect or nonsensical answers.

All AI products have these limitations but we wanted to still address them so your expectations aren’t completely out of whack. 

Want to see a video of the Wordplay 3.0 changes?

Play Video

What’s next?

We have some pretty cool features coming in the pipeline…

– Tone control (adjust the tone of the article)

– Team Access

– API Access 

– General AI improvements for better quality

– More modes to cover different types of articles (listicle, review article, scientific article, storytelling article, etc)

Until next time!

Thanks for being a customer!

Curran V.

Curran V.

Wordplay Founder

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